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Men's Choker Are Trending Up!

Lake Lees

Posted on July 31 2017

Chokers are back — and not just for the ladies. Now the popular accessory is being made especially for men.

Even the scruffy Matt Lauer, better known for dapper suits, donned the man-collar on the “Today Show” Wendsday morning.

The anchor was lauded by his fellow men online, who called for more #MaleEmpowerment when it comes to accessorizing.

Social media users say the choker has sex appeal, too. One Twitter user said of Lauer, “WOW WHAT A DADDY.”

The bigger question for men, though, is, “Would you actually wear a choker?” And, if so, where? The office? At dinner? To the bar for a drink with the guys? It seems unlikely, but, as the millennial saying goes, “You do you.”